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Electrical Distribution Design awarded Research Contract Instrumental to the Future of Solar Power.

Link to Electric Energy T&D Magazine article: Smart Grid 2.0: The Role of GIS

Link to article on the real-time DEW/ISM Smart Grid implementation at Orange & Rockland Utilities.

More on Orange & Rockland's Model-centric Approach featuring DEW/ISM.

Older News from EDD

EDD announces the general availability for a new release of our DEW software.  DEW 10 implements an architectural restructuring that improves performance of core modules and establishes modular compatibility for the Real Time Smart Grid Control Suite

EDD announces the general availability of our Real Time Smart Grid Control Suite, a customized set of DEW applications that combines the Integrated System Model with the customer’s smart grid components and control room operations to facilitate improved controls and operational response.  For a detailed conceptual summary, see our ISM Design Plan – Design Overview and Use Cases for Real Time Analysis and Control Software

Links to Recently Released Articles

Article/Abstract Link Issue-Date Publication
Optimizing Smart Grid Investments with EDD & ISM

Jan 2011

White Paper
PEVs in the Motor City

May 2011

Transmission & Distribution World
ISM Smart Grid Design Plan (sample)

Aug 2011

White Paper
Oct 2011
IEEE Power & Energy Society...

Nov 2011

White Paper
Jan 2012
Feb 2012
Electric Energy T&D Magazine

Jun 2012

Intelligent Utility


Links to Published Articles or Abstracts

Evaluation of DER Adoption in the Presence of New Load Growth and Energy Storage Technologies,
IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (Oct. 2011)

PEVs in the Motor City,
Transmission & Distribution World
(May 2011)

A Robust Multiphase Power Flow for General Distribution Networks,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Apr. 2010)

Load Calibration and Model Validation Methodologies for Power Distribution Systems,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Mar. 2010)

Generic Reconfiguration for Restoration,
Electric Power Systems Research (Mar. 2010)

A Graph Trace Based Reliability Analysis of Electric Power Systems with Time-Varying Loads and Dependent Failures,
Electric Power
Systems Research
(Sep. 2009)

Real-Time Power Electric System Modeling, Assessment and Reliability Prediction,
Power Systems Conference and Exposition, IEEE/PES (Apr. 2009)

Virtual SCADA Tracks the System,
Transmission & Distribution World (Jan. 2009)

Graph Trace Analysis and Generic Algorithms for Interdependent Reconfigurable System Design and Control,
Naval Engineers Journal, (Mar. 2008)

Storm modeling for prediction of power distribution system outages,
Electric Power Systems Research (Jun. 2007)

Impact of DG Placement on Reliability and Efficiency with Time-Varying Loads,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Feb. 2006)

Software Framework Concepts for Power Distribution System Analysis,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (May 2004)

Three Utilities Implement Packaged Distribution System
Transmission & Distribution World (Sep. 2002)

Phase Prediction in Distribution Systems,
IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting (Jan. 2002)

Simultaneous Phase Balancing at Substations and Switches with Time-Varying Load Patterns,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Nov. 2001)

Design of Integrated Software for Reconfiguration, Reliability, and Protection System Analysis,
IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference/Exposition (Oct. 2001)

Cable Impedance Calculations with Parallel Circuits and Multi-neutral Returns in Distribution Networks,
IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting (Jan. 2001)

DEWorkstation: A Comprehensive Distribution Modeling Tool,
IEEE Transmission & Distribution Conference/Proceedings (Sep. 1996)

Distribution Engineering Tool Features a Flexible Framework,
IEEE Computer Applications in Power (Jul. 1995)

Application Programmer Interface for the EPRI Distribution Engineering Workstation,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Feb. 1995)

Estimation of Diversity and kWHR-to-Peak-kW Factors from Load Research Data,
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Aug. 1994)




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